Download the ARM cross compiler from:

Install the program in the local hard drive (e.g. c:\CodeSourcery) and add the compiler path to the system.

Download  the Windows version of the make and rm programs in the computer. A copy of these programs can be found here. Uncompress them in a local directory (e.g. c:\tools ).

In order to communicate and being able to transfer data and programs to the brick, we need to  install a telnet, a ssh and a scp client programs. I have tested PuTTy, (telnet and ssh clients) and PSCP (scp client). After downloading these programs, place the executable files in the local hard drive (e.g. c:\tools).

Add the path of the recently installed programs (c:\tools) to the system.

Finally install a text editor of your choice to modify and create programs (e.g. notepad++, vim, sublime).

After installing these tools, users should be able to use most of the command line instructions provided to Linux users.