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Before continuing, please red the section about Firmware Updates.

Use a USB WI-FI dongle to connect the EV3 brick to a wireless network. The early firmwares only supported the NetGear WNA1100 WI-FI dongle, but the latest ones can now recognize the Edimax EW-7811UN as well. The following steps show how to setup a WiFi network:
The first step is to activate the WiFi on the EV3. This can be done by selecting WiFi in the settings tab:


If this process is successful, there should be check mark next to WiFi.  Next, we need to find the available networks. This is done by selecting Connections in the same tab.


The available WiFi networks will be displayed next. Select the network that you want the EV3 to be connected to. Make sure that both the computer and the brick are connected to the same network. If a password is needed, the program will request it.


I have found that once a network is used, the Ev3 will store it and offer connecting to it using the stored password. However, this does not always work correctly. I normally “remove” the connection and start the process again. Once the network connection is established, the name of the network will be displayed.


By selecting the name of the WiFi network, we can obtain the IP address (, which will be used to communicate with the brick.

NOTE: When using the Edimax EW-7811UN Wi-Fi dongle, sometimes the telnet command (described next) gives the following error:

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host

This issue seems to resolve by pinging the EV3 Brick using the following command

Logging in the EV3 Brick
Linux Users
Use a telnet command to log in the Ev3 brick. Use root as the login name, for the latest firmware versions, users need to use the password “Just a bit off the block.


It is advisable to start the ssh services in the EV3 brick, by running the dropbear program. This will enable using scp that allows transferring programs data to the brick.

Windows Users
I use (PuTTY) for this purpose. Use root as login name and hit enter.
It is advisable to start the ssh services in the EV3 brick, by running the dropbear program. This will be handy to access and transfer data to the brick.

Thanks to John Hansen for his “Screen Capture” tool used in this tutorial

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