Firmware Updates

I recently updated the EV3 brick to Firmware version 1.09H and found that the Telnet function had been disabled. I found that LEGO has done this in order to reduce security risks, but has made a Developers version (V 1.09D) available for those of us that still need this function.The following is a summary of the steps needed to use the Developers firmware version:

  1. Downloading and uncompress the firmware
  2. In the menu, select “Tools >> Update Firmware”
  3. On the new window select “Show Details”
  4. Click on “Browse”
  5. Select the uncompressed firmware file “EV3 Firmware  V1.09D.bin”
  6. Click on “Update Firmware”
  7. Wait until the firmware is installed

This should install the latest version of the Developers Firmware version that has Telnet enable. Notice that the new firmware requires using username “root” and password “Just a bit off the block.

The new firmware supports the popular Edimax EW-7811UN WI-FI dongle.