Robot Platform

The platform used by the Robot Navigation software is a minimalistic skid/steer one. It uses the EV3 brick, one motor on each side and just enough extra Lego parts to hold the robot together. I prefer to have the center of gravity shifted towards the center of the drive wheels. This configuration increases traction and reduces slippage. The caster wheel should be located close to the drive wheels, ideally, the two drive wheels and the caster wheel should move over the same circumference when turning on the spot.

There are a couple of non-Lego parts that I like to include in the designs, but none of them are a requirement for the Robot Navigation software:
The XG1300L gyro from Microinfinity: For accurate localization.
Flexi-cables from Mindsensors: These are especially useful for short distance motor and sensor connections.
Ball caster wheels from Mindsensors: These work great on smooth surfaces.
I have started using the LEGO caster wheels, which are part of the EV3 Educational version. In my opinion, they are quite good for this task.

Top View
Side View
Rear View
Bottom View
Caster Wheels
The following picture shows a few caster wheel options. A couple made out of LEGO parts, the Mindsensor version and the LEGO EV3 (Educational version) one.
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