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TechTwilight 2014 photos

We had a great time at TechTwilight 2014 . We are very thankful to the organizers from the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum that invited us to this event. Our exhibit received the Vincent Van Google award “for demonstrating how creative robots can be when their programmer is artistic.” We appreciate it very much. Below are a few pictures:

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Using Accelerometers in Robotic Applications (updated)

I have started creating some new material for a section that will discuss basic use of inertial sensors in robotic applications. I added a new section that talks about accelerometers and Euler angles. I hope it clarifies a few misconceptions about these sensors and their use. It now includes test programs.

The Lego Drawing Robot in The News

The Lego Drawing Robot received some attention at CES 2014. I had the opportunity to meet many Lego fans, and people from a variety of different industries. I want to thank Microinfinity for the opportunity to show the Drawing Robots in this event. I have found the Lego Drawing robot featured in a few newspapers and on-line magazines.
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News from CES 2014

I am at CES now, joining the Microinfinity booth. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many people belonging to the Lego community. If you happen to be in this event stop by booth 22059 located in the Robotics section in the lower level of the South Hall.

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Real-time Debugging on the Lego EV3

In robotic applications there are times that the programs need to be debugged. On one hand we have the program itself. For example, verifying that and algorithm or a function is properly implemented. On the other hand, there may be a need for verifying algorithm performance, especially if the algorithm involves checking multiple sensor outputs at the same and in real-time. I have added a section that explains how to address the latter problem.
(Updated with video)

Using Dynamic Libraries with the Lego EV3

The Robot Navigation software uses C++ shared libraries that are not available in the EV3 Linux operating system. Therefore the compiler must be instructed to statically link the libraries during compilation time, resulting in quite large executable files. I have added instructions describing how add and load the necessary dynamic libraries. This gives the advantage of creating significantly shorter executable files.